Last week we took part in competition in Paris 🥖🧀🇫🇷 It was another experience for our students who did their best 💦
We got new personal records in speed slalom and good runs in classic and battle 🙌
Klaudia won 2 silver medals in classic and battle 🥈🥈
We had some time for little sightseeing 👀 

Huge thanks for organizers, judges and all volunteers for making this great event happen 🙏 and congratulations to all skaters 🙌



Our results:

Klaudia 2nd in classic & and 2nd in Battle

Junior Battle:
Janek 13th place
Marta 17th place
Hania 25th place

Junior Classic:
Marta 17th place
Hania 51th place

Junior Speed Slalom:
Janek 19th place
Hania 30th place